Developing and maintaining the Rabobank Frontend Platform


The Rabobank frontend environment is maintained by 120+ teams, all of which develop their own features using services and tooling developed and maintained in-house by the Rabo Online Platform teams. All the frontend code for our customer facing applications is stored in our version controlled monorepo, and these applications are updated multiple times a day via our extensive CI/CD setup. During this workshop we’ll give you an introduction on how we do things, what our setup looks like, and the challenges of supporting these feature teams in such a large environment.



  • Michiel Oosterling joined the Rabobank in January 2021 as Product Manager for the Senses platform, an in-house developed and maintained set of tools and services enabling our teams to build awesome frontend features for all of Rabobank’s customer facing applications. With a focus on frontend development, Michiel has worked in IT for multiple national and international companies since the late 90s, and in various roles such as developer, designer, and later as project manager and product owner.

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  • Dirk Odendaal, originally from South Africa, started working at Rabobank in July 2020 as part of a great team that maintains the Senses platform. With 13+ years of frontend development experience, Dirk has developed a passion for automation and loves working on difficult technical problems. He spends his free time contributing to open-source projects, working on his own pet projects, renovating his house and when he has time, anything sports related.

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